"Is Your Food Killing You?"

Your Food causes Cancer and serious illnesses! It's SHOCKING but it's TRUE!
Learn How to Avoid the 1 in 3 chance of getting Cancer and the almost certain fact of you being seriously ill sometime in your life!

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Barrie McDowell

WOW!! you are probably thinking that is a bit of a harsh statement but do you know what? It is true and I have had first hand experience of it, having lost 2 family members to Cancer and Heart disease at a very young age. So you are probably asking yourself so what has that got to do with me? 

Have you ever wondered what is the secret to a long and healthy life? Why some people "NEVER" seem to get ill? Yet others seem to always have some sort of ailment!  Ask yourself this Which side do you fall into? Never ill or sometimes or always ill?


The truth is we all will at some stage in our lives become ill! Do you  know someone who has died from or is suffering from some form of degenerative disease, cancer, diet related problem or some other unpronounceable disease! Fact is 1 in 3 of us will get Cancer do you want to be one of the 33% who get Cancer? Maybe you would want one of the many other avoidable diseases??

You have to ask yourself the question what is the cost to my life?

Our present lifestyles and fast paced culture have created us an artificial lifestyle that damages our health in the long run. As a result, our bodies age at a rate faster than normal!

All of these people will get ill at some time in their lives will you??

Do you want any of your Family to suffer???


How many people do you know who have been on diets and never seem to get rid of the weight or they do and then put it right back on again? and this is not about the lack of exercise!

Doctors have known for many years that the right diet is essential for good health, but did you know that even if you think you are eating a balanced and healthy diet you may still be harming your body? 

Most intelligent people would know that natural eating is best for health. The real question is how to eat healthily. We follow advice given by health organisations who tell us to have more fruits and vegetables but do these organisations really know the correct advice to give or are they also on a learning curve?

Did they also tell you that you that these 5 recommended portions of fruits and vegetables can increase your risk of cancer if you do not eat these in combination with certain other foods? Do you still want them to tell you what to eat?   

Cure Yourself???

Have you ever craved a particular food? this is your body telling you it needs a particular vitamin or nutrient.It's true that the body can cure it's self from most diseases as long as you give it the correct nutrients so it can cure itself of what ails it. Many of these things have been discovered down the years.

An example of this is scurvy (not heard of now but a big killer years ago) Scurvy is one of the oldest vitamin deficiency diseases recorded and the first one to be cured by adding a food, oranges and lemons to the diet. Just adding one thing to the diet and it cured a deadly disease!

You do not have to make wholesale changes to your diet just be aware of what you are eating and which food group's can eat yourself to a long healthy life and enjoy it while you do it! If you use the 80/20 rule you can still have treats and still improve your health! To be honest once you have the read the book you will want to change you diet!!

So what's the answer??

Well you could go and do all the research yourself and spend many months looking into the particular disease, illness or diet you want to know more about and still not be sure you have the right information and answers you need or you could just get,


Why this book?  

Refreshingly here is a book that offers recommendations based on both sides of the coin  which is based on concrete scientific evidences. It gives you the unique opportunity to devise a lifestyle and diet-style to dramatically increase your productive years and live well into the nineties or later without dementia or medical tragedies.

This book with it's many links to the full scientific facts and the full paper on those facts and not just the paragraph or two most give you to justify their claims, this means YOU get to make the choice and not someone who wants to sell their idea to you.  

The co-author is a renowned Cancer research scientist who after many years in the field of cancer research decided to "step out" of the system and look into the real causes of Cancer and other diseases instead of being told what to look for. After some initial research we became quite shocked about what we discovered and immediately set out to get this information out to you

For those who want maximum control of their health destiny one's dietary choices should not be based on politics, ego, or a belief system. It should be based experience of human survival, so called old wives tales which science, with its limited technological capabilities, sometimes can prove to be true.

In This Ebook You'll Discover The Following Shocking Insights:

Discover all about what SALT actually does for you both the benefits and also the downside of too much salt!! See page 73

The containers your food comes in is a health risk! Learn more of this shocking story on page 26

Did you know that some natural food colorings are actually crushed insects! They don't tell you that on the label!! See page 61

Discover why a pill is not the best cure!!

If you knew this was in your food would you eat it!! Read more about it on page 22

Fluoride is good for your teeth or is it? More like bad for your health and the governments approved this???!!! Read more on page 33

Discover what Supermarket fresh really is! More on page 94

Discover what they don't put on the food label!! And why you should be concerned More on page 106

Discover all about high fructose corn syrup and why it is considered the Crack Cocaine of the food industry!! See page 67
All this and much much more inside this Book

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For years, I've been such a fan of processed food; buying canned products left and right, and at least one can of soda everyday. My family and I ate packaged chips, cookies, all sorts of baked goods, doughnuts, pizza, you name it we ate it!. My Health was not the best always having colds etc and I just lacked any energy to do ordinary jobs at home or at work.

Luckily, in my  search for a lifestyle change a friend recommended I read your e-book. In my excitement I applied the principals  and knowledge I learned. Since then, I've been in optimal health for quite sometime now; I don't worry a lot, I don't get stressed out, and I certainly have that spring in my step I've wanted all along.

Knowledge is indeed power.

A Antrobus, Buckley UK


I suffered from Lipoma and was considering surgery to have them removed, I came across this book and I realised I had been eating the wrong foods and this was causing my condition. Since implementing what I learnt my Lipoma's are getting smaller and some have totally gone.

F Massey, London UK


I cannot believe the difference this made to us and our diet! We now cook mostly at home from wholesome ingredients and I was surprised how easy it was! The recipe suggestions in the book with even more on the website is great. I hope they continue to put more recipes up for us to try they are great.

J Murray, New York


I was low on energy and always feeling under the weather or ill. Since reading the book I now understand why and have made small changes suggested in the book. I now have started to feel so much better and I have more energy and for longer.

S BaylissLastin, London UK  


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The Information Which Could Save Your Life!


To your Health and Long Life,



P.S.  The dieting and health industry is worth billions, and most of what companies promote is about selling you products and lining their pockets. This ebook helps you to cut through the hype and marketing to see the truth behind the fads. It also looks at the science behind weight loss and healthy balanced diets! Rather than telling you what to do, this ebook teaches what to look for yourself - making it a one time investment towards your future health & happiness!


P.P.S.  Remember this is about you giving yourself the best possible chance to live a long and disease free life. This is probably the only non biased book on food and health on the market at the moment. It is not about selling you an idea it just gives you the facts with all sides of the story given and you make your own mind up. 





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