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It has been said that the use of white bread alone will kill a dog more quickly than starvation. A few recipes for bread making from whole grain flour are given. In making whole wheat bread with yeast, the dough should not be allowed to rise as long as when made from white flour; it rises more rapidly, and must be knead down more promptly; the temperature should also be kept even.No flour is used in moulding after the dough has been made stiff; use oil or fat instead. Whole wheat bread bakes better and rises higher when made into rolls than when moulded into loaves, although requiring a little more time in moulding. On removing from the oven, moisten each loaf with cold water immediately, going over each loaf twice, and allow it to stand un­covered until thoroughly cold before covering or put­ting away in the bread box. If you still prefer to eat white bread, studies show that you can reverse the effects of alloxan by supplementing your diet with Vitamin C and Vitamin E together as discussed in “Is your food killing you” Other types of wheat are also used in our recipes, including buckwheat and chick pea flour which have been shown to be scientifically beneficial to our health.


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