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How it is right now!
We live like no other generation before us.

We are a giant experiment of exposing our bodies to toxic ingestion.

We may consider our way of eating as normal, but the modern diet is about as normal as a test tube of chemicals.
The toxins in your body have been accumulating since birth and are imbedded in every cell structure and organ. What is the cost of this risky game we play to your health?

We have been researching what we eat and the effect it has on us. We could not believe what we discovered! The more we looked into it the more horrified we became.
I have been working with a Cancer research scientist who after a long career in research  decided to step ‘out of the system’ and look into the real causes of diseases and cancer and bring clarity to many of the common notions you have been told about food, health and disease. As tax payers we all contribute to the bill for research and health policies so you deserve to know the truth. 
As a parent I am very concerned what I am feeding my child so not only have we looked at the effects on adults but also how we can encourage our children to start a healthier diet now and carry through into adulthood so they have a long and healthy life. 
In the coming weeks and months we are going to blow the lid off this shocking situation. We intend to give you the information that will enable you to make an informed decision about what you feed yourself and your family. The truth about our food no one wants you to know but you really do need to know.  
Read our new book "Is Your Food Killing You"   
Our new eBook is out now and it is packed full of shocking revelations!!
You will not believe what you are you are reading.
The shocking truth the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry does not want you to know!
There are over 100+ pages packed with vital information you really do need to know! 
There are links in the book to over 300+ pages of further information and videos.


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