Food Myths Busted
The Truth About Our Diet
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Food Myths Busted
There are a lot of web sites and self-proclaimed experts about food, diets and food myths. While researching the subject we realized that it was harder and harder to trust what you hear and read as there is so much information but so little insight or wisdom. What we have done here is to look at both sides of the arguments relating to food, nutrition and health benefits of foods. Our research is based on published scientific studies in peer reviewed scientific journals and not driven by propaganda from the food industry. We deliver the information, you decide if your health is a priority; if you want to live a longer and more fulfilling lifestyle and if you want to eat nutritious healthy food that will prevent diseases, obesity and cancer.
These findings are discussed in  "Is your food killing you" 
In the book we give a few examples of recipes that combine ingredients in a beneficial way for your health. There are a number of free recipes which you can access via the recipe navigation button above. If you want to access more recipes we have lots more in our members site.
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